Chiropractic Marketing Using Facebook

Social networking as a marketing tool has been proven to be effective in getting exposure for a business online. There are more than 200 social media channels available online but Facebook tops the list followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  To give you an idea how big Facebook is, it would be the 8th largest if it’s a country. Facebook has 1.06 billion active users per month so just by sheer size alone, common sense would dictate that any respectable chiropractor should use it as part of their chiropractic marketing.

Another reason why it is an effective chiropractic marketing tool is the demographics of Facebook users, the fastest growing group is those belonging to age 35 and above which experience will tell us is the largest client base of chiropractors.

But how to use Facebook for your chiropractic marketing? Let’s say you create a Facebook business page for your private practice and you can make connections with 200 patients who on the average have 120 friends each. This means reaching out to 24,000 people.

Here are some chiropractic marketing tips using Facebook.

  1. Establish your identity and reputation by creating a Facebook profile and a business page with pictures, videos and other information about the services you offer complete with testimonials from patients. Testimonials are word-of-mouth chiropractic marketing which is by far the most effective advertisement for your clinic.
  2. Join Facebook groups with like-minded individuals. A Facebook group is one of the best ways of forming a community to promote your image and establish your reputation as an expert in your field. This creates trust and confidence for you as a chiropractor and will generate new patients. All you did was share your ideas in a group. How easy can chiropractic marketing be!
  3. Create events and invite your patients and prospects. You can conduct free consultations and make the announcement by creating Facebook events. It’s one of the most cost-effective chiropractic marketing strategies. You do not need to mail invitations. Let the viral capability of Facebook do the work for you.
  4. Keep your posts interesting and fun and update regularly. Engage your audience with information that keeps them wanting for more. Constant communication is one of the secrets of effective chiropractic marketing.
  5. Capture contact information of visitors of your business page through a sign up page. You can then use the contact details for other chiropractic marketing strategies like sending them a chiropractic newsletter which will further establish your reputation as an expert and create more awareness for your practice.

The viral nature of Facebook will make it easy for you to use it as a powerful tool for your chiropractic marketing. You just have to find innovative ways of using it for your marketing campaign.

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